The Triad Strategy









The Makers at LeapSpecies.Space

will build off-planet biomes

with SimAI driven robotic systems. ​​ 

And then reverse-engineer the home planet.











The Triad Strategy

3 long term symbiotic projects.

  • Robotics and Simulation based AI will develop operational simulations for control and evolution of robots. ​​ A physical minded AI that will become a part of science changing AI.

  • Bio-Generators will evolve to closed ecosystems, terraforming, and reverse-engineering Earth.

  • Data driven think tank forum will hold the long term strategy and become a permanent web site AI steward.




The Leap Species Project

Self Proliferating Robotics - Systems of construction and maintenance bots controlled by..

Simulation Based AI - The path to singularity level AI without anthropomorphic “self awareness”. ​​ We make it happen at..

LeapSpecies.Space - Create a global think tank makerspace forum to develop SimAI. ​​ That development arena is the..

Bio-Generator - To burrow an off-planet habitat with air/water/food processing  and let SimAI loose upon the solar system, leading to..

Leap Species Status – Closed ecosystems for solar system proliferation and the technology to reverse-engineer Earth. ​​ A Leap Species has sustainable populations independent of the home planet. ​​ A nearly unattainable accomplishment in an extremely short window of opportunity and the greatest barrier to interstellar travel.


Cyberspace requires a physical organism.

The technology to establish ecosystems off-planet,

is the technology

that will scrub Earth's oceans and atmosphere.


We will use Robotics to evolve SimAI. ​​  ​​​​ SimAI is the ideal command and control of mobile ground robotics, especially on a hostile off planet landscape. ​​ SimAI will evolve to a singularity in combination with other AI paths.


SimAI Definition

Simulation Based AI will loop feedback between a real world operation and the simulation of that environment, to enable decision making and evolution of the simulation accuracy and the systems and the machines, it operates.


- - -The Loop- - -

Simulation Based AI loops feedback between the real world operational area and the simulation of that environment. ​​ Robotic sensors relay operational changes to update the simulation's terrain – the simulation finds the best chain of events by standard iterative brute force – then actions are issued to the operational machine and teams – the outcome is measured against the simulation's prediction of behaviors – discrepancies in prediction are explored by iterative brute force to refines the behaviors of the simulation – the physics/materials/chemical models are continually updated by the actions of a million eyes and machines.

- - -The Loop- - -




The Birth of the Universe Machine and the Evolution Machine.

Computers will reach true potential as a physical entity instead of a “self aware” ego. ​​ By further iterative process, the simulation becomes the laboratory for evolving the robots and the systems it operates. ​​ SimAI will become a laboratory for evolving all systems. ​​ A universe machine and an evolution machine. ​​ This is the playground for all singularity level AI. ​​ A high level decision making machine needs a laboratory to duplicate real world behaviors. ​​ Loop that over and over into millennia. ​​ Singularity AI might be narrow and stupid as hell – the perfect tool. ​​ This will evolve to installing closed ecosystems off-planet. ​​ And if it can do that, then it can scrub Earth's atmosphere, oceans, terraform Mars, save Earth, and terraform dead exoplanets......


SimAI Way-points – milestones overlooked/underdeveloped in humanity's efforts to evolve mass systems.

  • Simulation - Modeling of robotic and environment systems. Example – a “working” bio-generator processing air, water, and food for off-planet human habitation. ​​ Virtual human habitation the developers can use in think tanking. ​​ Example 2 – A phase by phase simulation of the robotics to burrow a habitat on an asteroid and establish that bio-generator habitat.

  • “AI” Operated Simulation - In simulation control of bots (video games for industry) to develop the code. Example – ​​ first generation robotic mining and interactions within simulated environment.

  • Sensors and AI Mapping/Modeling – First step in integrating real world operating environment for AI evaluation. ​​ Mobile robots mapping the real environment updating the simulation map as the environment changes. ​​ This alone can make a sophisticated AI command and control of mobile, environment altering robotics. ​​ LeapSpecies.Space's first generation sensor bots, burrowers and bio-generator bots explore and manipulate on an operational stage. ​​ Earth stage experimentation 24/7.

  • “Real World” Command and Control. ​​ First usable version of simulation based AI. ​​ To more efficiently control pathing of mobile sensors and real world alterations by robot units. ​​ Before real world execution of a command, the SimAI iteratively tests in simulation.

  • Deep Learning – Data archiving and organizing to observe patterns in prediction algorithms. ​​ Examples; to observe emerging patterns in robotic control, following of ore concentration, fastest/efficient proliferation of robotics and new independent colonies of mining and habitat construction, to add more intelligence to the evolution patterns and variables of the system and the machines.

  • Universe Machine - Prediction Looping (between the 2 Environments) – Database of universal physics and material properties grows by continuous looping. ​​ The process: predict an outcome to give a command to a robot based upon pre-simulation behavior, then measure the outcome, then update the simulation for any discrepancies between the 2 environments. ​​ The difference from reality is noted until pattern emerges over time and the AI plays within the simulation to see if a physics or materials variable can account for the errant behavior. ​​ Update simulation. ​​ Building a universe machine without the science – only the behavior and prediction is relevant to the “machine” - the making of the physics/materials/chemical models accurate. ​​ The infinite refinement loop.

  • Off-Planet Functionality – Once all operation is proven on analog Earth projects then port ​​ robotic proliferation into the solar system. ​​ Self printing of printers and robotics.

  • Evolution Machine – The brute force iterative algorithm of improving the predictions of the simulation will then be used to improve the robotics. ​​ Variables within the individual operation of every robot will be noted by Prediction Looping. ​​ The variables will be placed in simulations of thousands of iterations of the simulated robot and any simulated improvement is tested in the operating environment. ​​ Experimental models will be printed and tested against expected results for refinement of evolution system. ​​ Example – 4 different human made robots will become hundreds of different models specializing, scouting, testing, sensing, excavating, and building. ​​ Every component has input outputs of energy, torque, range etc. and variables such as size or material. ​​ Variables are constantly adjusted to greater or lesser measurements as a smart “gene” strategy. ​​ The same evolution strategy will be applied to observing and updating of habitats and closed ecosystems before and during human use.

  • Diversification - Multi-Operational Inputs - ​​ Scouting new areas for mining and habitation leads to duplication of AI and minimal units to begin the new operation. ​​ New terrains breed new designs. ​​ Deep learning of evolution machine patterns become intelligent design. ​​ A combo of evolution deep learning and prediction. ​​ Scouting will dictate the first robot versions to manipulate new terrain.

  • Singularity – Any digital entity to become self improving at cyber speed will have Sim-based AI component to experiment upon itself. ​​ It will use the same adaptive behavior and deep learning data compilation to simulate, reorganize, and develop its own algorithms within the AI and the exterior it controls. ​​ No self awareness needed. ​​ It will clone its code into a simulated environment and then further test in a real environment before adopting code. ​​ Multiple different versions of SimAI in different colonies in controlled flux...


SimAI Summary

  • Operational Command and Control of Robotic Systems

  • Universe Machine – Brute force iterative refining of reality mirror

  • Evolution Machine – Brute force iterative evolution of the machines and system

  • Singularity Proving Ground – SimAI is applied to any system and mission parameters.

  • Save the World




Closed ecosystems are the grail.

We are doing very little in this arena.

It is the key to ensure our interstellar security

and survival.



Bio-Generator – The Evolution to Closed EcoSystems:

  • Basic Bio-Generator - ​​ A depot for all space missions. ​​ This is the ideal first arena for our open design forum. ​​ A simple mission. ​​ Simplest air/water/food processing/scrubbing. Easily defined, easily simulated. ​​ We prove it out with permanent physical operating bio-generators on-planet. ​​ Then we add the robots to maintain it. ​​ Then robots to construct more.

  • SimAi - throughout the bio-generator project, the SimAi will be developed to operate the robotics for building/maintaining the bio-generators. ​​ Initially the control is video game AI for straight simulation. ​​ Code for SimAI is open source.

  • Install Off-World Bio-Generators ​​ - The first habitats for research of the SimAI system and as functional supply depots.

  • Evolve to Closed Ecosystems - Requirement for making humanity a Leap Species. ​​ This includes radiation shielding and full artificial gravity. ​​ The members of LeapSpecies.Space will be there for decades and centuries, making that happen.

  • Save the Planet - Only SimAI/robotics/closed ecosystem technology can save and reverse engineer what is left of the home planet at that time.

  • Mining - Should be working hand in hand with commercial interests/investors to integrate with the habitat and bio-generator systems. ​​ There will be an obvious need of both to support the other.


..once closed ecosystems are healthy and proven, then simulation based AI can turn its billion eyes on a sick planet and a dead one (Mars). ​​ And then, the thousand year interstellar missions will be stewarded by the entity that was once only an internet entity we created here. ​​ Combinations of several different AI at that time.



Technology now demands the continuity of AI steward entities built to last beyond human life span.

Our think tank will evolve to this entity.


LeapSpecies.Space will be the Earth's greatest think tank.

Simply because every project has 3 pages;

Projects, Data, and Debate.

Yah, debates – ugh.

Gotta keep it,  ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ separated.  ​​​​ 🙂




LeapSpecies.Space carries us forward with the triad strategy to meet the leap species quandary.


LeapSpecies.Space integrates the new generation of robot and AI enthusiasts in a sophisticated, evolving, open project, internet forum.


LeapSpecies.Space motivates and coordinates all projects to further SimAI and robotics to install off-planet bio-generators. ​​ An entity to carry out strategies for off-planet sustainability for centuries. ​​ It will necessarily be one of the first internet entities with an AI steward to carry beyond the original founders.


LeapSpecies.Space is a global think tank makerspace to launch the most vital projects of humanity. ​​ To install human sustainability off planet for Earth independence. The perfect arena for singularity ​​ AI.


LeapSpecies.Space will have the triad of symbiotic projects. ​​ Development of the simAi based robotics to overcome the off-planet challenges. ​​ Development of off-planet closed bio-generators and ecosystems. ​​ Development of the global think tank internet entity.


Please see the agenda at the Think Tank – Think Tank


Within the main categories will be 3 forums.

  • Discussion/Debate

  • Data – such as links, papers, documents

  • makerspace for live projects


If a discussion or data thread is highly relevant to a makerspace project then links will be added to the project page. ​​ This will be by software search for key words within the thread communications and will automatically attach links.


The main categories will be broken down endlessly into sub categories and morph over time according to tags and impetus to combine areas and absorb poorly used subcategories that were once created by community desire...




This project began as a book

and turned into action.

Yours to explore when the editing is finalized this Winter.



thank you

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