The Great Scrubber

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    One of the greatest assets of a bio-generator is the ability to purify. How do we maximize the rich bio actions to break down toxins? Do we assume the most transformitive process is aquaponics? Hydroponics is always a strategy when there is little soil available. But adding the fish to make the aquaponics is many levels higher on speeding up the air and water scrubbing. The action of circulating the water speeds toxin breakdown and exposure of the air into the water keeps oxygen high in the water and more air scrubbing.

    So the initial fantasy is a bio-generator producing plant and fish and a system that can sustain down to less output if human guests are not present.

    How wet and warm do we keep the system? A tropical ideal has advantages but more difficult to keep healthy? Thick mats of algae may have great scrubbing and nutrition advantage in the food system but when does the system give way to mold? If algae can control mold then wall systems with water flowing down mats of algae?

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